We believe that all students can learn and achieve great success in math, and we help them believe that, too.  The primary goal of elementary mathematics tutoring is to develop in each student the skills of problem solving, critical thinking, and to establish a firm foundation of basic computation and mathematical reasoning they need in their classroom.

The Academy’s goal is for students to understand the big picture, the big question, interconnections, the nature of science, and the application of knowledge and skills. Whenever possible, the focus is on students conducting experiments and actually using their own minds to think about what the evidence means.

Reading & Writing:

Our tutoring emphasizes the teaching of basic reading, comprehension, analysis, and study skills through the study of the social and physical sciences. This approach helps each child understand his or her role in society and in the relationships between groups and society. It also encourages them to explore the mysteries and beauty of the physical sciences and develops students’ ability to observe, notice detail, record, organize, and interpret information.

Writing is one of the most important skills for the 21st Century. From the Common Core to getting into college, writing is used by every student in every subject. We will help your child rise to the top by honing important writing skills from grammar to writing a dynamic five paragraph essay. Writing is viewed as a process and we integrate writing projects throughout our programs. Students are taught basic research skills and learn project management as a part of Language Arts component of study skills. Communication skills are enhanced through oral reading, discussions, and brainstorming.

Early Reading K-2:

Learning to read is fun at The Academy of 21st Century Learning!  Our fun, hands-on tutoring energizes kids and promotes long-term retention. We use a comprehensive early reading program including phonics, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. We help each child master foundation skills all while having a great time!

Grades 3-6: The Academy of 21st Century Learning interdisciplinary program excites students as they learn about the connections of our world. Through exciting topics we build vocabulary, word analysis, and comprehension skills. Your child will become engaged with interactive subject matter and feel more confident in reading. 


(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) projects are an enrichment component within The Academy. Projects are an interdisciplinary approach to learning which removes the traditional barriers separating the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math and integrates them into real world, rigorous and relevant learning experiences for students. 

Students’ natural interests in science and engineering blossom through both real-world engineering design problems and hands-on inquiry. The activities and assessments promote higher-order, critical thinking skills that will result in improved student performance.

K-2nd grade

Stimulate our youngest students’ thinking as we integrate STEM experiences into their academics. These engaging, developmentally appropriate activities maximize children’s learning of the STEM disciplines.