Math: By the time students reach high school, they have probably already decided how they feel about math, but high school classes present some new challenges. Some students find algebra to be simple, but struggle with geometry; other students breeze all the way through pre-calculus, but find calculus to be completely befuddling.  We offer creative solutions and fun practice for students who are frustrated in their classes and for those who have encountered a new, often unexpected challenge.

Pre-Algebra | Algebra I | Geometry | Algebra II / Trigonometry | Pre-Calculus | Calculus | Statistics

Science: High school science can be either a very enjoyable experience, or a complete pain. Some students have a natural aptitude for science, others don’t. At The Academy, we believe that all science can and should be fun. We can help your student gain the tools to start finding the fun in their science classes. Science skills are extremely valuable in the real world, and helping your student to find an interest in science will ultimately help them to gain an edge when entering college or the workforce.

Biology/AP | Chemistry/AP | Physics/AP | Anatomy & Physiology

Reading & Writing: Writing and reading are closely related and, many would say, inseparable. Better writers tend to be better readers, and better readers produce better writing. It makes sense that the strategies teens use to read are the same ones they use to write. We take advantage of the connection between reading and writing by showing students how enjoyable reading is.Writing takes time, practice, and lots of encouragement. We help teens develop their skills and, equally important, a love for words and writing.

Social Science: The social sciences are recorded examples of the people, countries, and conflicts of our world.  Here at The Academy, our social science tutoring aligns with both the California and Common Core standards. Because we place a large emphasis on this criterion, students will be able to determine and cite central evidence and details from both primary and secondary sources.  They will also be able to analyze how an author refines the meaning of keys terms, claims, and events of history within a text, and compare their point of view with others’ found in historical, social, and cultural contexts.

US History/AP | US Government & Economy/AP | World History/AP


Differentiated SAT Prep Instruction

We differentiate our SAT students by their ability level and offer relevant, focused instruction to meet their needs. While other companies throw everyone into one group, we provide accelerated instruction for advanced students, and appropriate instruction for our other students. This is EXTREMELY important if you want your child to achieve the highest SAT score increase possible!

Ongoing Assessment

Our students complete up to four practice tests, and we carefully analyze the results and respond to the analysis. This ensures that our curriculum is appropriately focused and that our students know exactly which concepts are their strengths and on which areas they need to concentrate.

Small SAT Prep Classes & Private Tutoring

Our SAT Prep sections have a maximum of six carefully matched students, who are led by one of our gifted, engaging SAT coaches.  All of our students complete an initial SAT assessment and then we organize students based on their results. In addition to six classes, we include three hours of one-on-one SAT tutoring and a variety of subject-specific workshops.