Summer STEM Mornings, Session II starts July 10th 
Just 2 weeks away!

What we saw today at The Academy of 21st Century Learning was epic! Students from Kindergarten through 10th grade were immersed in the discovery of the majesty of life.

Having learned the different systems of the pig's body, students now experienced firsthand the complexities of life. Armed with scalpels, scissors, and tweezers, students dissected their fetal pigs.

At the end of the day, a different kind of student walked out of our doors: a student filled with self-confidence, pride of accomplishment, and humility. They knew they had been a part of something extraordinary.

It will also feature hands-on learning through dissection and discovery.

There are VERY limited seats available!

To register your child, please call (707) 474-4710.

Robotic Car on Track using Color Sensor

Check out this robotic car, assembled and programmed with our fantastic teachers Mr. Chris & Mr. Bryan, drive the track using its code.

The countdown is on until our Robotics class starts!
Call today (707) 474-4710


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