Barbara went into Human Resources with some of the most respected companies in the country and specialized in employee training and development. After creating award winning training programs for over two decades, Barbara left corporate America to become an educational consultant in Northern California for high-risk students. 

She soon discovered that her students were unable to obtain jobs so once again began to create a program, this time for her students. She called it The Job Journey and eventually the program was implemented in fourteen states. For the next few years, Barbara traveled with her program, speaking at educational conventions across the country.

Tired of traveling, Barbara went to work with a nationally franchised learning corporation, as the Vacaville Center Director, and stayed for over five years before opening The Academy of 21st Century Learning.

Barbara’s Philosophy:

While inside The Academy, students belong to us.  From the moment they begin their first hour all the way through the completion of their program, I strive to instill The 3 C’s within my students:

  1. The adaptability to Change (and then change again)
  2. The desire and capability for Critical Thinking
  3. To use their Creativity as a means of expression and analysis
These 3 C’s act as the core of our education programs and specialty classes, all designed to encourage and support the growth of the whole child throughout the processes of self-development. Students become excited about learning because our programs are rich in academic skills, scientific discovery, visual arts, world culture, and language. We employ the teaching philosophy of achievement and success developed over decades of research by world-renowned Stanford/Harvard University psychologist, Carol Dweck PhD.

If there is an award to be won, I want our students to win it.  If there is a scholarship to be awarded, I want our students to receive it.  My dream is for our students to have full-ride scholarships to the university of their choice.  All of this begins with self-confidence

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