We are conveniently located in The Nut Tree Plaza in Vacaville.

Your student will love it here—it’s inviting, challenging, safe, and fun!  We have a mascot (Catori the Shih Tzu) and a vibrant team of innovative and caring educators. Can you think of anywhere else you can write on walls and tables, all in the name of education? We can’t either! That’s just one of the reasons we have been chosen “Best Tutoring Center in Solano County” for the past three years! Come on by and we’ll show you the rest of the reasons.

So how does this all come together? As our model, The Academy of 21st Century Learning uses a framework comprised of four key categories that prepare students for the complex demands of learning in the 21st century.

Core Subjects in the 21st Century: All schools pay their respects to the core subjects –math, English, science, etc. –but we take our students to the next level by rigorously emphasizing critical thinking and analysis, creativity, and adaptability in all areas of their lives, whether it’s AP English, basketball, or Yearbook Club.

Learning and Innovation Skills: What does Google teach a child? In today’s world, where there are many “right” answers, a search engine may be able to deliver the answer, but that does not mean it is actually capable of instilling the learning and innovation skills necessary for success. 

Information and Technology:  Today’s textbook is a tablet.  Although many teens claim to be technologically savvy, we realize the necessary tools for the 21st Century go well beyond being able to install your grandmother’s printer software. To this end, The Academy teaches advanced computing skills—we hold computer programming classes, and our tutors incorporate the use of advanced computational software in their instruction.

Life and Career Skills: What happens when school ends and you’re faced with a real-life problem?  Can you add it? Format it in MLA? Boil it in a beaker to find a solution? We prepare students life beyond the classroom by pushing them to their limits with challenging problems.  The Academy is a place where it’s okay to be wrong.  In fact, we embrace it, as no one has ever developed a strong character by solving easy math problems and being right all the time.

Successful tomorrows start at The Academy!